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5 Benefits of Evening Receptions


There really are so many benefits of having an evening reception. There’s something about the night air that awakens the dancing fool in all of us! When you’re in the south, you can also beat the summer heat ¬†(to an extent) once the sun has gone down. Keep reading to find out our top 5 benefits of having an evening wedding reception!

1. Your guests can let loose!

After your evening reception, your guests are more than likely going home or continuing the party at a local bar. This fact allows your guests to feel like they can really let their hair down and just enjoy the night. There’s no errands that need to be run and no appointments that need to be made. It’s just a fun affair all around.

2. Evening receptions are more romantic.

The starry night and moonlit sky make every detail of the evening sparkle. The first dance is more romantic. The bouquet toss is more romantic. Even the cutting of the wedding cake is suddenly much more romantic in the night air.

3. You can sleep a little later, making you well-rested!

If you’re well-rested, the entire day just goes so much smoother. You’re happier, your skin is brighter, your attitude is more positive. If your schedule of events don’t start until later in the day, you can sip on coffee, enjoy the morning, and get ready for the big day ahead! You will also have more energy to last late into the reception and keep your guests having the time of their lives with you!

4. You can’t beat those sunset pictures.

Need we say more?

5. You can wrap up the long day with a short but sweet reception.

Depending on the hours of your specific venue, you may be able to get away with a shorter reception and stick to your budget. Don’t get us wrong, we love a celebration as much as the next person, but no one likes those receptions that tend to drag on and on leaving everyone to wonder when the bride and groom are actually going to leave. Evening receptions allow for a fixed time for everyone to depart and head on to the next stop.

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