Bridal Style

A Bit of Sparkle

A Bit Of Sparkle

Jeweled headbands are definitely in right now. Why not incorporate this trend into your big day? This is a really easy way to bring in some sparkle. If your dress is really simple and you want to do it big on the accessories, a jeweled headband is perfect for you. They can be worn tons of different ways and look great on anyone.  Whether you have super long locks or a short bob you can rock this style. 

Wedding Sparkle


These headbands work even better with strapless dresses like the one pictured above. This adds the sparkle you want without having to wear a necklace. Wrap some messy curls around the elastic and pin with bobby pins. It’s effortless.

Wedding Sparkle


Lulu Burgess on Bay Street sells some really pretty ones. They are a little pricey around $50-$60 but totally worth it. You want to spend a little more for the quality because let me tell you, there are some cheap ones out there and you can tell. You can always wear them again and again on a girls night out or just out and about. That’s what I love most about them. Not only can you dress them up but they can also be dressed down and worn with jeans and a tee. Pink Pewter is one of the best brands out there. They’re the same ones that Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood wear all the time – so clearly they’re the best if those gorgeous women are rocking them. The quality is impeccable, they’re super comfortable, and they don’t slip out of your hair at all. Select hair salons sell them but you can find them on as well.

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