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Bridesmaid Dress Trends


2018 has already been quite the year for new wedding trends. With a Pantone color of Ultra-Violet, 2018 has to live up to it’s vibrant standards! While wedding dresses are evolving, so are bridesmaids dresses. It’s an honor to be chosen as one of the few special friends to stand beside you on your biggest day yet! It’s also equally important to make sure that these lucky few feel (almost) as special as you do. The time and money they are putting into making your day exactly how you want it, is deserving of a stellar dress! We’ve gathered three of our favorite bridesmaid dress trends for this 2018 wedding year to help!

1. Beaded

Beaded bridesmaid dress are the perfect compliment to your romantic bridal dress. If you’re looking for that fairytale-feel for your wedding, these beaded gowns in the soft, dreamy pink is exactly what you need!

2. Black Dresses

Who would’ve thought that black dresses would make their way onto the list of top bridesmaid dress trends? However, they are absolutely stunning next to a bright white wedding dress. Perfect for those fall and winter weddings, black bridesmaid dresses really bring your squad into focus!

3. Different Styles, Same Color

Picked out the perfect color, but can’t decide on one style because they are all so beautiful? Well, different styles may be the answer for you! Give your girls the exact color hue, designer, collection, etc. to pick from, and let them choose the style– or give them the option between a few! It’s the perfect way to have the color you want while letting your bridal party pick the dress they feel most comfortable in! A comfortable bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid!

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