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Bridesmaids 101


Picking out your bridesmaids and the details involved is never an easy task. Whether you are the #organizedbride and have been planning every detail out to avoid any and all issues or you’re more of a #gowiththeflowbride and  have been letting things take its course, picking out your bridesmaids is daunting. Always. You may be thinking, “I’ve got 3 best friends, a soon-to-be sister-in-law , and my sister to be my MOH. I’m good!” But hang on there, girlfriend! That’s only the beginning. To help you through this exhausting season of bridesmaids proposals, planning, and organizing; we’ve created a list of our Top Three Five Helpful Hints!

1. Keeps things simple.

Simplicity is key when dealing with multiple girls at once. The idea of going all out and “proposing” to them in a really big way sounds exciting, but pump the brakes for a second. We know you love them. They know you love them. Keep in mind that some things will cost more than you had planned on spending. Don’t go overboard on the smaller details. Save some of that money and creativity for the special bridesmaid gifts you will give them come wedding time!

2. Pick out a specific Pantone color for your bridesmaids.

Okay, maybe don’t tell them you want everyone in PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet. However, we do suggest you pick out a specific color swatch by a specific designer to make things easier for everyone involved. If you plan on assigning one specific dress for EVERYONE to wear, you may skip ahead to Tip #3. If you decide you want everyone to pick out their own dress, but still coordinate, we suggest actually GOING INTO a bridal shop and looking at the colors first hand. Your wedding day is far too important of a day to have everyone show up in lavender except your cousin who shows up in plum because it was “purple.” Instead, tell your girls you want everyone in “Suede Rose” by Dessy, for example.

3. Give them a schedule.

Nobody ever likes to not know what’s going on. Even more so, nobody likes asking the bride what they should be doing on the most important day of her life. To avoid any and all last minute questions, create a timeline of events and times for your squad. Include dates, times, and when they should arrive at each location. We suggest sending them an email with this info at least a week in advance so they can plan ahead. To take it one step further, refer all questions to your Maid of Honor. Hey, they don’t call it an honor for nothing!

4. Pamper them.

Yes, your wedding day is and should be all about you (and your spouse). However, we think it’s vital to keep in mind what all your bridesmaids have done in order to make it just that. From the money spent on their bridesmaids’ dresses, gifts for you shower, and making your bachelorette weekend a dream to the time and energy spent on getting everything done; these girls have done A LOT. Remember that, and spoil them with cozy robes to get ready in and champs to sip on when Wedding Day rolls around. It’s the little things like that that they will really love!

5. Finally, keep the BIG PICTURE in mind.

When it’s all said and done, the biggest thing to keep in mind is that this is YOUR wedding day. The greatest day of your life! So, while you want everything to go smoothly and for everything to happen as planned, remember why you chose those girls to stand beside you on that special day. If they truly are worthy bridesmaids, they will accept your “bridezilla” moments, emotional breakdowns, and pickiness over the size of their earrings because it is YOUR BIG DAY! So, don’t sweat it. Just enjoy it. Everything will be okay!

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