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Favorite Spring Centerpieces


Spring weddings are definitely a time to showcase florals and all the natural beauty that spring has to offer! There’s no right or wrong way of doing it, but we picked out a few of our favorite centerpieces for this spring season!

First up are these beautiful pink peonies and tealights! They look like they are literally floating on air. This arrangement is something that is so original and breathtaking, that we had to put it first! We LOVE the classic southern flower with a little twist. This is perfect for day to night weddings!

Florals: Tiger Lily Weddings

Next up are these perfect little, single peony centerpieces matched with baby’s breath on the head table. These are both so effortless which makes it so absolutely flawless. You just can’t go wrong with this duo.

Florals: Pretty Petals of Charleston

Okay, hydrangeas and palms. Can you get any more “lowcountry” than that? We don’t think so– obviously making these centerpieces one of our favorites! A couple hydrangeas is already enough to win us (and anyone) over, but throw in some palms, and we are in floral heaven!

Florals: Gardenia Events Floral

If #3 was a representation of Lowcountry, then this one is the perfect representation of the South in general. Pastel pink roses are always a classic piece in southern weddings. But when you add Magnolia leaves to the arrangement, you have gone full “southern charm” mode. Which, by the way, is SUCH a good thing!

Florals: Z. Grant

Finally, we are closing with a more cost-effective option. If florals aren’t exactly your “thing” or maybe you’ve already spent your floral budget on the flowers at the ceremony, this centerpiece is the answer. Just greenery on a few tables, and white tulips on others! It saves you from having to buy as many flowers, but still adds some charm for your guests to enjoy!

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