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Three Reasons Why You Should Do a First Look


We know that wedding planning is a lot crazy. It’s exciting, yet stressful. It’s so much fun, yet not so fun. It’s what everyone has dreamed of, yet everyone’s worst nightmare. The month of the wedding is even more chaotic! With everything from wedding program designs and seating charts to weekend timelines and beauty prep– there’s a lot going on! One of the boxes to check on your list may include talking with your photographer to create a list of the shots you want throughout the big day. One of the questions your photographer may ask you during this process is, “do you want to do a first look?” First looks with fathers and bridesmaids are almost a given, but what’s becoming more and more popular are first looks with your significant other before the ceremony!

To help you with the daunting task of deciding whether or not to see each other before the ceremony, we’ve complied a list of three reasons why we think first looks are a good option:

1. You get some one-on-one time before all the craziness!

The “day of” is a whirlwind. It’s just an absolute blur! The best blur you will ever experience, but a blur nonetheless. Doing a first look with your S.O. before the ceremony is the perfect opportunity to escape the chaos for a bit and just be present with each other. There’s no one around (expect your photographer(s)), so it’s just a moment of normalcy between future spouses! If crowds are a bit overwhelming, this is also a great chance to get a deep breath in, and enjoy this intimate moment without all eyes on you.

*Pro-tip: This is for those couples that need to get the nervous jitters out of the way before being on display for all to see!

2. You get to spend more time at the reception.

When it’s all said and done, the reception is everyone’s chance to get let loose! After a day FULL of schedules and nerves, the reception is supposed to be all fun and games. By doing your first look and couple shots before the ceremony, you’d be saving yourself that much more time you’d get to be spending with your friends and family that travelled to see you on your big day! You’ll be so antsy to get there and see everyone, and they’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival. Save yourselves (and everyone) the drama of waiting.

3. Finally, you get pictures like this to remember for the rest of your lives.

Photographer: Philip Casey Photography || Venue: Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort

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