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In this age of DIY, Pinterest-inspired weddings, and evolving ideas, wedding favors have become a fun and creative process. Whether you choose to do them yourself or buy them, your guests will leave with something to remember your day. They will leave with something they actually love too.

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What’s a better way to a guest’s heart than food? Serve up a local treat for everyone to take home in a cute jar or take out box. It could be anything from sprinkled donuts to the tastiest salsa from your favorite local joint. Guests love getting a taste of where you as a couple are from or where you met.

Sweet Potato Butter Lowcountry Wedding Favor |

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Going along with the food favors, there are many personalized ideas out there. If you and your partner love to cook, make a small book with your favorite recipes to make together. Include recipes from important dates in your life as a couple so far or family recipes that you want to pass on. This is truly a gift from the heart and so unique.

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Since treats are so popular, you can also have a candy buffet in which guests can pick a few pieces that tickle their fancy. You can do this in so many ways; by color, your favorite candies as children, or just a modge podge of different candies.

Another idea that has become popular is to give your guests something that will live on. Either small potted plants or seeds that they can take home and plant are great gifts. It is something that will live well past the wedding day.. hopefully.

Some couples choose to forgo the traditional wedding favors altogether. Some have a cause that is near and dear to their heart, so they make a donation in the names of their guests. They can send a small token home with their guests letting them know that their name is attached to a wonderful cause.

Other ideas include koozies for a backyard-style wedding, sunglasses for a beach wedding, ornaments for a holiday wedding, or personalized golf tees for the sporty couple. The idea is to match your favors up with your personalities as well as the wedding day itself.

People want to leave with something that will bring back fond memories every time they look at or think about it. There are literally hundreds of ideas out there to consider when deciding on your wedding favors.

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Whether you are on a budget, a master DIYer, or fancy, there are many ideas to suit your tastes.

Make it fun. Make it memorable. Make it you.




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