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Groom’s Style Rules


Alright guys, it’s your turn! We want you to look just as stylish as your partner on this special day, so we’ve got a list of tips to keep in mind when trying to decide what to wear. You may have thought that you have it easy, but we’re here to tell you that there’s still rules to keep in mind!

1. Your groomsmen should coordinate with your look.

Your groomsmen don’t necessarily have to match the groom exactly, but similar looks are always best. Whether you pick out an exact suit for them to wear or you just tell them the style/color, cohesive looks are the most appealing to the eye. It just wouldn’t seem right if the groom shows up in a tux and the groomsmen are all in linen suits.

2. Your look should match the formality of the day.

The groom’s attire should match the formality of the venue and overall theme of the day. If you and your spouse have chosen to celebrate the big day outdoors, a more casual look may be what you need. However, if you decide to have a formal, evening and/or church wedding, a tailored suit or tux is a better route.

3. Your attire should match the season.

Going off of what we mentioned above, the season matters, as well. If you’re having your wedding during those hot, summer months, lighter tones and fabrics are always a good option! Linen is a classic, warmer weather look that we love to see each year!

4. Your look should coordinate with the bride’s.

Don’t forget that your wedding day is all about you two as a couple! It’s the first statement of your future together. Make it count by talking about it together. If your bride is envisioning a ball gown as her perfect dress, maybe consider matching her look with a classic, black tux. If you both want a more eccentric look and feel, go for it! Just make the decisions together so you don’t clash the day of the wedding!

5. The fit should be custom.

Listen up, guys. Your wedding day is not the time or place to wear a suit straight off the rack. As the groom, your attire should fit you like a glove. No one wants to see your pants dragging the ground or bunching on the top of your shoes. Your sleeve hems should not be covering your knuckles. Your shoulder pads should be– you guessed it– on your shoulders! These are just a few basic rules when it comes to tailoring your suit to fit properly.

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