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Wedding Day Humidity Tips


If you plan on being a lowcountry bride, chances are you will be dealing with some level of humidity on your wedding day. With only a couple months in winter as the exception, lowcountry is overall hot, humid, and sticky. With this comes the added anxiety of whether or not all the beauty steps you take on your wedding day will hold up. Don’t worry, though! We’ve gathered some helpful tips to utilize on your wedding day to avoid shiny foreheads and frizzy hair in your gorgeous wedding pictures!

1. Use oil-free products.

Everything from your moisturizer to your foundation should be oil-free on this day. The oil in these products will clog your pores which makes it much harder for your skin to get the air it needs to breathe.

2. Use an anti-frizz product in your hair.

Flyaways and frizzy hair are never ideal for a bride. While we all may want a little more “body” and volume, frizz is not the answer. Ask your hair stylist to use a no-frizz serum to really keep your hair in place- especially if you plan on having a beach wedding!

Pro-tip: Skip a wash. The more you wash your hair, the more your hair is stripped of its natural oils. This causes an unhealthy drying of the hair which results in more frizz.

3. Use powders over creams.

Powder foundations and eye shadows are a much better route for humidity. This will help reduce and keep the shine at bay that creamy products will create.

Another pro-tip: Keep blotting sheets handy. These will be VITAL when the party gets going, and you start dancing the night away with your new hubs!

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