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3 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be in Your Wedding


We’ve all heard the saying, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” So, why should your furry, four-legged friends have to take the back seat and not get to enjoy your special day with you? They want nothing more than to be by your side 24/7. Sick in bed with the flu? They’re there to keep you company. Crying on the sofa after a bad break up? They’ve got your back through it all! In honor of their faithful companionship, we’ve rounded up our top three reasons your dog needs to be in your wedding party.

1. They’re part of the family.

As we’ve mentioned, dogs are always there for you when you need them (and sometimes when you don’t need them), just like family. They hold zero judgement against you, and they support you in absolutely every way imaginable. They are the rock that holds you together at times. There’s no doubt they are worthy of this honor.

2. They are great listeners.

Dogs are the perfect listeners. They can’t argue with anything you say, and they can’t interrupt while you pour out your worries and fears before walking down the aisle. They provide the perfect moral support by looking at you with those big brown eyes and just let you know that everything is going to be alright! If pre-wedding jitters are a commonplace while planning, it’s a good idea to consider including your dog on your special day so you can squeeze in one last hug before the show begins!

3. You’ll get professional photos of the whole family.

Don’t miss the perfect photo opportunity by leaving your four-legged “child” at home! By having them tag along, you’ll be presented with professional photos that can be treasured forever. We know you already consider yourself a pro by how many photo sessions you have with him daily, but let the REAL professionals take over just this once!

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